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The Parking Industry Strives to Make Your Life Easier

This week at IPI, many new industry innovations were on display. One theme was constant throughout the conference and expo: "How will these solutions make my customer's life easier?" NPR's Kenny Malone was on the expo floor and shared his thoughts on the parking industry's rapid evolution and advancement.  http://www.npr.org/2013/05/22/185938482/parking-industry-tries-to-make-your-life-easier Read More » »

My Beginning at T2 Systems

I joined T2 Systems in November 2012 as a Web Developer, after working my first job out-of-college with Fischer Homes, a regional home builder here in the Mid-West.  While I thoroughly enjoyed working at Fischer Homes, I was very pleased to join T2 and be part of a larger development team. Since coming aboard, I've been impressed by the software and systems that are in place.  The atmosphere and environment of the office space is great for productivity, where I am well-equiped for my job.  The... Read More » »

Cool Use of T2 Flex on Mobile

  I love it when T2 customers do cool and interesting things with technology!  In fact sometimes they show us a thing or two about innovative ways to deliver or visualize parking information for consumers.  In this case, they did both! Florida State University (FSU, for the uninitiated) has used Flex data to feed into a mobile app that they constructed themselves.  You might have already seen this online - I was fortunate enough to see some early prototypes and provide feedback.  But now it... Read More » »

My Favorite Key Benefits of T2 Flex 7.3: Taking Unified Parking Management to the Next Level

Today’s parking operations need a solution that streamlines as much work as possible while providing managers with the information they need, when they need it. As the industry’s only completely unified solution, T2 Flex manages all aspects of parking – permits, citations, special event parking, and access and revenue control – ensuring users have all parking information in one complete system. The unified approach to parking management is unmatched in the benefits it offers, and the latest T2... Read More » »

Train for Success

We all know the benefits of a good employee training program; training has a positive effect on performance by allowing employees to learn advanced techniques to help them complete their everyday tasks more efficiently.  More efficient employees feel more valued and appreciated which leads to reduced turnover and less of a need for supervision.  Trained employees are motivated employees and the entire organization achieves its goals more readily. Don't invest in your parking management software... Read More » »

Maximizing Efficiency with a Unified Parking Solution and Asset Management

Facilitating the Asset Management class at T2's User Group always proves to be a learning experience - even for the instructor. This year I was happy to see the turn out was as good as it was a few years ago when I taught the class.  In those few years, T2's Asset Management module, which is part of of the T2 Flexparking system software, has evolved quite a bit.  It now includes automatic assigned work order responsibilities and scheduling for reoccuring work orders.We discussed ways to... Read More » »

Shifting Gears

After 7 years of working in a major retailer's IT department, I decided I needed a change of pace. While I built up some great relationships with my coworkers, the work itself was monotonous.  I needed to work on something bigger and more creative.  So when I got a call from one my friends who worked at T2 Systems, I was curious. Two of my friends had left my current company to work there, so I'd heard a lot about the awesome T2 culture. But how would it benefit my career as an Application... Read More » »

Culture Shock? More Like Culture Rock!

 I made the choice to take a position at T2 for a variety of reasons; one of the biggest was the culture.  After one day at T2 I was impressed by what this organization has done to create such an exciting and refreshing atmosphere.  While many people have moved and changed jobs, moving into this company was like none other.  The transparency T2 provides shows great pride within the organization and it’s reflected in each associate.  In never having worked for a company that so conciously... Read More » »

How I was a Parking Doctor

One of the cool features of the Canadian Parking Association annual conference is Lunch with a Parking Doctor, where delegates come with their parking management ailments and get a prescription for the cure from experienced professionals in the parking business. Sounds, great, doesn't it?Since I have never managed a parking operation, and since my primary goal at the Conference is to meet with T2 customers and others in the industry to learn about trends and needs in parking enforcement, permit... Read More » »

$17 million in outstanding parking tickets

When it comes to parking citation collections, New York City has a $16.7 million problem on their hands. Diplomats, it seems, do not like to park legally. New York City is home to 289 foreign missions and consulates, many of which have been issued multitudes of tickets for safety violations and blocked fire hydrants. Scofflaw diplomats, drawing on the power of their national treasuries, owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets, and the leaderboard is impressive: 
  1. Egypt: ...
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